The 21st Century Vehicle Emissions Solution 

Cleaner Energy for A Cleaner World


Reduction in Fuel Consumption & CO2 


in NOx 


Reduction Smoke / Particulates


in CO 

The Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP says:

"It's time for the Government to seriously consider the alternatives, like fuel catalysts. Not only do they work to reduce fuel consumption and help us to reach our climate change targets, they are a viable, cost-saving option for motorists and the Treasury."

No other fuel additive or catalyst can match Ultimum5 results in reducing vehicle emissions

The current ‘Pay to Pollute’ charges in many UK Cities increase climate change emissions because richer running engines produce less NOx but more CO2. 

ULEZ/CAZ ‘Pay to Pollute’ policies cannot match the results Ultimum5 delivers in reducing vehicle emissions and improving fuel economy. In the table are the latest consolidated summary results of 100's of real life driving on the road tests

Ultimum5 in action and what the experts say

What the Car Dealership and Servicing Mechanic say